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Happy Flowers in Crayon

Happy Flowers in Crayon 2

Savannah’s Neighborhood

This is an assignment Savannah had to do at school. She was supposed to draw a picture of her perspective of her neighborhood. The house in the top left corner is our house. I love that she put the American Flag in the front of the house. That has always been important to us! The next building to the right is the Church. It is right across the street from our house. The next building is the school and it is just on the other side of the block from our house. The house below us is our neighbor’s house right across the street from us. They always plant a patch of flowers in their front yard. Then to the right of their house is actually the house to the left of theirs. And the last house is the house that is kiddie corner from our house. Obviously the colors of the bottom houses don’t represent what the real colors are, however the colors of our house and the color of the church are ¬†pretty accurate. I thought this was really cute!

Bursting Clouds

Colorful Sky

Heart Design


Mixture Madness

Red Rampage

Hearts and Flowers

More Hearts and Flowers

and Even More Hearts and Flowers



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