These collages are made up of food, all desserts and chocolates because most of these foods Savannah doesn’t get. Every once in a while she will get a little bit of them. But because of her Hypothalamic Obesity, she is on a 1200 caolorie diet to keep her weight down. Her body holds onto every calorie she intakes, so it’s very difficult for her to maintain her weight and it’s very easy for her to gain weight. So she makes these collages to dream about what she might be able to eat. I asked her if these made her hungry and she said, “No, they actually made me feel like I’m getting them.” I thought that was very interesting… She also loves to look at Food Magazines and Recipe books.

Chocolate Yummy

Chocolately Sweet

And Chocolate Again :-)


Desserts – Oh Yeah!

And more Desserts – I’m Dreaming

2 thoughts on “Collages

  1. I love your art, Savannah! I’m an artist too, and nothing gets rid of my worries or problems better than creating something pretty. I especially love these dessert collages! I think desire can evoke beautiful things, and since you have to pay attention to food a lot I believe you can appreciate it best! I grew up allergic to chocolate, so I really like that you’ve done art around it! We can eat with our eyes! :)

    • Thank you Cat! I LOVE to make collages! My mom and dad used to run Calendar stores and I used to get all the left over calendars and I LOVED to look at all the food calendars. I LOVE chocolate and sometimes my mom buys me sugar free chocolate as a treat. I eat with my eyes a lot. I like to play food games on the internet too. That’s fun for me. Thanks again!

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