Merry Christmas


 Christmas Tree

 Snow Globe

 Ornaments I

 Ornaments II



One thought on “Christmas

  1. Savannah, I’m your great aunt Janice Mays. Your Grandmother Barbara is my sister, and she often speaks fondly of you so I know what a special young lady you are. I only got to meet you once when you were in Kansas for your Grandpa Ray’s funeral, but I remember what a sweet girl you were then and I’m sure you’ve probably remained the same. I just discovered your web page while on facebook. I really like your art, I’m on the Christmas page now and just wanted to let you know how much I admire your talent. I hope that some day soon, I get to meet you again. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is a long way away from you, but maybe you’ll be in Kansas again and we can see each other. I did see your Uncle Mike and Aunt Melanie at Thanksgiving and we had a nice visit. I’d love to hear from you. Maybe you can send me an e-mail and tell me all about yourself.
    I hope you and your family has a wonderful Merry Christmas.
    With love,
    Aunt Janice

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